Directory Listings

Executive Listing

Features: Full colour advert on listing page plus your own business promotion page. Business promotions page contain; Banner and Logo display, 'Photo Slide-show' of business. 'Business Blurb' about who you are and what you do, Business Name, Contact Details, Individual Gmap Location and a custom email contact form. The executive listing may also be included by random selection in the monthly news on the site.
Cost: Setup $235+ gst and an Annual Fee $39+ gst

Web-Enabled Listing

Features Business Name, Website link to your site, Contact Phone Number, Email Contact, Map-Pin displaying location
Cost: Setup $69 + gst and an Annual Fee $39+ gst

Free Business Listing

Features: Business Name, Contact Phone Number, Email Contact, map-pin displaying location
Cost: Free! 

What about Community Groups, and Non-Profit Entities?

These groups have a free directory listing, the format alters depending which classification they fall under. Contact us now to get more information!

Web-address Register

The jville.nz web-address register is now open. 

What does this mean?

This means businesses can register 'their name'.jville.nz and show how they are a part of the community and proud to be so!

What if I am not a business?

These 'web-addresses' are also available to you! Examples include duncans.jville.nz and can have an email such as family@duncans.jville.nz, or even mum@duncans.jville.nz. Each registered address comes with 2 email redirects!

Join the Jville Web Community now! Enquire for your domain name by Clicking Here.

Jville.nz's Future Plans

Future development is to address directory format, add the functionality for customers to self-maintain their information and the employment of an admin to ensure the register is maintained and contact details are kept up to date.