Roading Update

Johnsonville - New Roading LayoutWith Johnsonville's road-works culminating in a more efficient layout, this wonderful township is accessible to all, once more.

It has been great to see the much needed improvements to Johnsonville’s roads over the past year. These improvements were essential to manage the increase of traffic flow into, through and out of Johnsonville. The project by Wellington City Council and the NZ Transport Agency, has so far provided us with a new bridge over the railway, a wider motorway off-ramp, and improved town centre roads. 

The benefits to Johnsonville also includes less traffic congestion in the town and importantly to many, reduced peak-hour queues on the State Highway 1 off-ramp. Cyclists and pedestrians also benefit from the works with new wider paths adjacent to the motorway off-ramp. All these access improvements through the town make walking and cycling easier and most importantly safer. 

These improvements not only improve the general flow and access to the area,they also create the infrastructure required to support future commercial development for the area and the Johnsonville Shopping Centre.

Johnsonville Cycle-ways

The improvements to Johnsonville are a key part of  the overall Wellington Council ten year plan to “invest for growth” and ensure Wellington remains a vibrant region attracting people, jobs, trade and investment. Strengthening transport links, building great community facilities and making commerce easier is at the heart of this growth plan.  It’s exciting to see all of this taking place in plain view here in Johnsonville. The latest round of improvements to the roads, the redeveloped Keith Spry Pool, improved urban design, better public spaces and a greater range of shops is a great sign of things to come for the suburb.

Author: J Waggott